Freedom of big business is the best practical way a society can prosper.

Charity is a better way of helping those in need than social welfare.

Organisations and corporations cannot be trusted and need regulating by the government.

A government that provides for everyone is an inherently good idea.

The current welfare system should be expanded to further combat inequality.

Wages are always fair, as big business knows best what a worker's labour is worth

It is "human nature" to be greedy.

Land should not be a commodity to be bought and sold.

All industry and the bank should be nationalised.

"Exploitation" is an outdated term, as the struggles of 1800s capitalism doesn't exist anymore.

Communism (?) is an ideal that can never work in practice.

Taxation of the wealthy is a bad idea, society would be better off without it.

The harder you work, the more you progress up the social ladder.

Class is the primary division of society.

Economic inequality is too high in the world.

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