about me

I’m a political activist, web designer, campaigner, and public speaker in one 23 year old package.
I’ve taken part in national campaigns on a range of issues, as well as local battles for what might be seen as small but essential wins. I’ve marched in national demos, and steered autonomous democratic conferences where world changing things have happened.

things I do

Web Design

I design super cool websites and build useful web apps. I'm fully self taught and have worked on freelance projects for businesses as well as projects I've done just for myself.

Public Speaker

I've spoken at conferences, demonstrations, and given lectures on a range of topics, as well as appearing on panels and in the media.


I'm heavily involved in UK politics, and have been active in political spaces since I was 18. I've sat on the Young Greens executive in different roles, and have previously been co-chair of LGBTIQA+ Greens.